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Studijas monitori Šeit ir 4 preces.

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  • 159,00 €

    The compact DM-40 desktop monitors bring excellent audio quality to your home setup. They inherit the best from our professional S-DJX series and Pro Audio speakers, including a front-loaded bass reflex system for a rich, tight bass and DECO* technology for a wider reach and sweet spot.

    159,00 €
  • 189,00 €

    Create a versatile home set-up that can deliver a rich, balanced sound for producing and DJing. These compact desktop speakers have been designed using professional speaker technology and effortlessly connect to all your Bluetooth® wireless devices. The DM-40BT comes in black or white and retains its Groove Technology from the highly-reputed DM-40 active...

    189,00 €
Rādīt 1 - 4 of 4 vienības